Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iowa Medicaid had a rude awakening recently - they are not the only one who can get a federal level case manager !!!!!

I did as I said I would do , send a certified package of information to the top Dept. of Health and Human services . They referred me to a reginal office for the midwest and gave me two people to contact. Now if the Iowa Medicaid Interprises sneezes or farts the wrong way - Rhonda Wells is on speed dial. Real cute isn't it , Medicaid doesn't think so because I know how to get my hands on papers they want to hide and I know how to do other things , too. The top D.H.S. office sends me their bi-annual research magazine in the mail . I have connections that I can use if I think I need to. I have other things in the works , I feel the need to file a civil acse on three case workers at Iowa Medicaid ,Their actions has my health in a bad situation.